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Cultural Heritage and Urban Development Project (CHUD) Tyre Old City – Coastline Preservation

Country: Lebanon

Location within country: Tyre, South Lebanon

Client: Council for the South

Financed by: IBRD

Scope of Work

The Contract Works comprise mainly the construction of a vehicular road along the western coast of the Old City of Tyre; organizing parking places all along; the removal of all illegal structures; the construction of a pedestrian path at the interface of the archeological sea site and the so-called Egyptian port; the construction of sanitary facilities and upgrading the public garden. It also includes cleaning the beaches from rubbish as well as the sea up to 100m lengths from the concrete blocks.
The essential trades of the above include, but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Archaeological Investigation
  • Removal of illegal structures
  • Removal of the existing road and the Construction of a new road with parking places
  • Face lifting of transformer rooms
  • Reinforced concrete walls
  • Storm water drainage network
  • Waste water network
  • Rehabilitation of the water network
  • Street lighting
  • Upgrading the street surface including sidewalks
  • Traffic signs and road marking
  • Landscaping works
  • Utilities and Utility relocation
  • Traffic detours
  • Cleaning the beaches

Notification Order:                29/07/2005    
Taking Over:                    24/10/2008