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Phoenicia University International

Country: Lebanon

Location within country: Dawoodieh, South Lebanon

Client: State of Qatar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Scope of Work

The works mainly comprise the construction of six buildings (Blocks A, B, C, D, E and F) in addition to the drilling of water well:
Those buildings are inter-connected by a vast lobby leading to the various sections within such buildings, namely:

  • Block (A): Gymnasium of an area 1313 m2.
  • Block (B): School – Maternity, administrative offices and a Library; this 4 stories block has an area of 145 m2 per floor.
  • Block (C): School Building consisting of five floors of an area of 1246 m2 each.
  • Block (D): Auditorium of an area 2216 m2.
  • Block (E): Dormitories consisting of five floors of an area 1600 m2 each.
  • Block (F): consisting of a lobby with nine (9) main Entrances, a basement comprising both the generator & control Rooms.