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Water Works in the region between Zahrani River (North) and Abou El Aswad - (South)

Country: Lebanon

Location within country: Zahrani, South Lebanon

Client: Council for the South

Scope of Work

The project works consist of:

  • The construction and equipping with submersible pumps 8 water wells of flow about 580 l/s.
  • The construction and laying of 80,000 ml Fonte Ductile (D9) gravity pipelines ranging between 8" and 24" in diameter.
  • The construction and laying of 210,000 ml High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipelines ranging between 2” and 4” in diameter.
  • The construction and laying of galvanized steel pipelines up to 6” in diameter.
  • Constructing and equipping central pumping stations with required pumping units, water meters, control panels, chlorination units and related equipments and devices.
  • Construction of elevated water tanks, manholes and distribution networks to nearby villages with internal networks within an area of 12 km x 18 km.
  • The installation of required accessories and fittings including valves, pressure reducers, air release valves etc ... and installation of water hammer system and lightning protection system.
  • Construction of treatment plant with the installation of electrical generators of power up to 1000 K.V.A. each.

Notification Order & Commencement: No.6061 19/11/2000
Completion: 18/11/2001