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Provision of Water to villages in Marjayoun, Hasbaya and Bint Jbeil Cazas From Wazzani Spring

Country: Lebanon

Location within country: Wazzani, South Lebanon

Client: Council for the South

Scope of Work

The project works consist of the following:

  • Electro-mechanical works include the Construction and equipping of a central pumping station on the river intake with 430l/sec submersible pumps and auxiliary pumps and the related automation control system, chlorination units and the electric installation. It also include the Construction and equipping of a secondary pumping stations with booster pumps and the Installation of a water hammer system.
  • Pipe works include the Construction of 3800 ml pressurized and gravity pipelines of 20”diameter, Construction of 15200 ml pressurized and gravity pipelines of 16”diameter, and Construction of a 4000 m3 ground water reservoir.
  • Public works including sidewalks construction, concrete and asphalt paving for public areas, external lighting, electric cabling and power group installation landscaping and garden plantation and irrigation works; storm and sewer line concrete and natural storm retaining walls, excavation demolition and fencing works.
  • Structural and finishing works of the main building (management): including concrete and reinforced concrete works, masonry works, plastering, rendering and spatter dash, painting, tiling and natural stone cladding, roof tiles and attics, wood works steel and aluminum, kitchen and toilets supplements, electric works and internal lighting, sanitary fixtures and plumbing, and water proofing.


Notification Order & Commencement:  No.7516 18/03/2003
Completion: 18/03/2004