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Potable Water Provision from Ain El Zarka Spring to Supply Villages in West Bekaa & South Lebanon

Country: Lebanon

Location within country: Western Bekaa and South Lebanon

Client: Council for the South

Scope of Work

The Works consist in the construction of:

  • A. Water Works:
    • Water intake structure on the "Ain El Zarka" Spring including the installation of a 2km long, 32 inches diameter gravity steel treated pipeline for the supply of the Ain El Zarka" central pumping station with potable water.
    • The "Ain El Zarka" central pumping station (Q=800 l/s, H=230 m) consisting of 4 vertical submersible 3000 KVA mid tension double shrouded radial impeller pumps each of a Power of 770 KW.
    • The "Sahel Mashghara" main pumping station (Q=800 l/s, H=425m) consisting of 19 vertical multistage centrifugal pump set each of a Power of 315 KW.
    • The secondary "Baaloul" pump station (Q=240 l/s, H=260 m) equipped with 9 submersible multistage centrifugal pump set each of a Power of 320 KW.
    • Six (6) Concrete ground water reservoirs: (1 rectangular x 2500m3, 1 rectangular x 2000 m3, 3 circular x 2000 m3, 1 circular x 1000m3).
    • Concrete Water Tower: 1 circular x 500 m3.
    • Pipe Works: 265 km of main, secondary and distribution treated Steel / GRP / DI potable water pumping lines of diameters ranging between 32 inches and 4 inches.
    • Buildings: Pump station Administrative and technical buildings of 2000 m2.
    • Automated monitoring, control and operation system, PLC, for the whole network.
    • Water treatment and chlorination units of capacity 400 l/s.
    • Waste water treatment units for Administrative and technical buildings.
    • Surge tanks No.6.
    • Lightning protection system No.6.
  • B. Electrical Works:
    • Access Roads needed for the works.
    • Connection of a 66 KV cable to the “Sahel Mashghara” Power Transforming Station.
    • Construction of a Power Transforming Station of 16 MVA.
    • Administrative and Technical buildings (Operation and Control).
    • Power Transformers of 8 MVA, 5MVA, 1000 KVA, 500 KVA and 250 KVA.
    • High Tension Power towers (33m high) connecting the “Awali-Markaba” Power Transmission Cable Line to the “Sahel Mashghara” Transforming Station.
    • Power Poles and Cables of 24 KV to supply “Ain El Zarka” Central Pumping Station.
    • Power Supply Station in “Ain El Zarka” to feed the Medium Tention pumps.
    • Power Transforming Station in “Baaloul” to supply with current the existing pumping station; and connecting it to the main Power Transmission Cable of “Jeb Jennin-Al Karaoun”.
    • Power Cables of various sizes for the different stations.
    • All Electrical Accessories such as Switches, Circuit Breakers, Contractors, Insulators, and Pannel Boards.
    • Electric Power Generators of 1500 KVA.
    • Provision of the required and complete Technical Team.
    • Earthing system complete for each station.
    • Water pipe works for some villages within the project region.
    • Water pipes connections to main reservoires.
    • Asphalting Roads within the region of works (200,000 m2).

Notification Order:  No. 7517 02/09/2004